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Gradisca d'Isonzo

Mountain bike track: Mount San Michele

From Hotel Franz to the Karst area among World War I and Cold War tracks

Unlike all the other routes, which can be travelled along by regular bikes, preferably equipped with gearshift and perfect brakes, this track is destined to mountain bikes. It is made of steep rises and difficult slopes, so it is for fit, expert bikers.

If you are a MTB fan who would like to discover more about our area, please visit this website:

The route runs along the slopes of one of the places that symbolize the battles on the Isonzo River and in the Karst area during World War I – Mount S. Michele.

The area between Doberdò and Komen is a wide open-air museum of World War I on the Karst. Here, several information boards describe the events that took place in this area during the war between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies.

The most suggestive area run through by the route is the trenches and fortification site on Mount Brestovec (Brestovi) close to the village of San Michele del Carso. On your MTB you can ride through the galleria delle cannoniere (embrasures tunnel). The site was restored in 2012 and is now considered one of the most beautiful and important war site on the eastern front.

Mount Skofnik, on the other hand, is one of the symbols of the Cold War. A very wide bunker was built in 1968 under its peak. The site was abandoned in 1992 but secured by the Associazione Fanteria d'Arresto in 2015. Guided visits are possible on request.

Carso 2014+ project was devised by the Province of Gorizia with the purpose of rediscovering the Karst area (from the Slovenian “kras” or “krs” meaning rock, stone) as a place made of unique landscape elements and several historic World War I sites. Some themed routes are aimed at promoting cultural tourism and at highlighting local history, memory and environment.


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