Preval Valley

The Preval Valley, measuring 5 km long and 2 km wide, is all surrounded by hills and is home to very few buildings, one of which is the small 16th century church dedicated to St Mary Queen of the People. The soil is humid, variously cultivated with cereals, vines and woodland.

Unpopulated roads and several bicycle and footpaths make it easy to move around.

One part of the route, the more 'challenging' part, runs through Slovenian territory along the Brda hills. The small Gredič Castle, which belonged to the Codelli Counts of Mossa, is the landmark of the village of Ceglo. Vila Vipolže, a 16th century villa, offers breathtaking views of the green hills of the Brda region directly from its Venetian salons.

Everywhere there are vineyards and wine cellars where you can taste the extraordinary Collio wines.


Gradisca d'Isonzo: Viale Regina Elena → Via Bidischini → Via G. Colombo → Via L. Gasparini Farra d'Isonzo: Via San Pelagio → Via dei Conventi → Via G. Verdi

San Lorenzo Isontino: Via Farra → Via N. Tomasseo → Via Pottendorf → Via San Lorenzo

Capriva del Friuli: Via Cavour → Via G. Garibaldi → Piazza G. Marconi → Via G. Verdi → Piazza Vittoria → Via Michelangelo Buonarroti → Via Preval

Lucinico: Via del Collio → Via Fonda → Via Antico Castello