Cycling route among the world's best vineyards

This itinerary encompasses the hills between Capriva del Friuli and Cormons, where famous wineries such as Castello di Spessa, Villa Russiz and Marco Felluga produce some of the best white wines in the world from the grapes of prized vineyards.

In the ancient 13th-century cellars excavated beneath Spessa Castle, wines are aged at a depth of 18 metres. A magnificent 18-hole golf course frames the castle and its park.

Between Pradis and Subida, the hiker cannot fail to be attracted by the possibility of tasting typical gastronomy, a synthesis and crossroads of Italian, Slovenian and German cultures.


Gradisca d'Isonzo: Viale Regina Elena → Via Bidischini → Via G. Colombo → Via L. Gasparini

Farra d'Isonzo: Via San Pelagio → Via dei Conventi → Via G. Verdi

San Lorenzo Isontino: Via Farra → Via N. Tomasseo → Via Pottendorf → Via San Lorenzo

Capriva del Friuli: Via Cavour → Via G. Garibaldi → Piazza G. Marconi → Via G. Verdi → Piazza Vittoria → Via Roma → Via Spessa → Via Capriva

Cormons: locality Pradis → Via Faet → Via Subida

Russiz di Sotto: Via Russiz