(Monte Calvario, San Floriano del Collio, Oslavia

The route is challenging due to several climbs, some of them quite steep. The open-air museum on Mount Calvario commemorates the victims of the bloody Battle of the Isonzo during the First World War. Several memorial stones are scattered on the mountain in memory of fallen soldiers from both fronts; one of them is dedicated to Scipio Slataper. On the summit are the Obelisk and Three Great Crosses.

The castle of San Floriano del Collio: during the 18th century its military importance declined and in 1860 it was transformed into a residence by Baron Giuseppe Formentini, whose descendants still own it. Attached to the castle is the wine cellar of the Counts Formentini, which has housed the interesting Museum of Wine and Rural Tradition since 1987.

The Oslavia Military Memorial was erected in 1938 and contains more than 57,000 bodies of Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died during the First World War. From the Shrine there is a beautiful view of the city of Gorizia and the Isonzo river.

At Piedimonte, the Wall of 5 Languages and the Wall of Time: thirty colourful 3.5 x 2 metre murals painted by students of the local art institute and renowned artists.


Gradisca d'Isonzo: Viale Regina Elena → Via Bidischini → Via G. Colombo → Via L. Gasparini

Farra d'Isonzo: Via San Pelagio → Via dei Conventi → Via G. Verdi → Via Contessa Beretta

Lucinico: Via del Camposanto → Via della Mocchetta → Via L. Visini → Via Udine → Via G. A. Sartorio → Via Fonda → Via degli Eroi

Piedimonte: Via Ponte del Torrione → Via Brigata Cuneo → Via IV Novembre → Via delle Grappate

Lucinico: Via Sottomonte → Via delle Chiese Antiche → Via T. Tasso → Via Fonda → Via Antico Casello

Mossa: Via XXIV Maggio → Via P. Zorutti → Via dei Codelli → Via IV Novembre

San Lorenzo Isontino: Via del Boschetto → Via Udine → Via Gavinana

Villanova di Farra: Via G. Pellizzari