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Gradisca d'Isonzo

Versa - Judrio bike track, between Gorizia and Udine

Advice on what to see in Friuli Venezia Giulia by bike by Hotel Franz

The Versa-Judrio track runs through six villages of the Province of Gorizia (Medea, Capriva, Cormòns, Mariano, Moraro and Romans) and two villages of the Province of Udine (San Giovanni al Natisone and Chiopris-Viscone), and is part of a wider cycle track network covering approximately 120 km.

The village of Medea is known for its majestic Ara Pacis Mundi, a war memorial. Built in 1950, it is located on top of the Medea hill. Within a fence is the altar, in top of which is a wooden and bronze urn with soil from over 800 war cemeteries and various phials with sea water collected in the places where ships of different nationalities sank and thousands of sailors and soldiers died.

The village of Giassico dates back to the Langobardic period. Nowadays it is a typical country village. It has a central square from the nineteenth century, surrounded by houses featuring rustic annexes and wide courtyards. Next to the square is the church of Santo Stefano, dating back to the fifteenth century.

The town of Cormons is the main centre of the Collio area. Here, the Cantina Produttori Cormons association gathers over150 winemakers and produces the Vino della Pace (Peace Wine). The beautiful Piazza XXIV Maggio at the foot of Mount Quarin hosts the Enoteca Cormons (Cormons winery).



Gradisca d’Isonzo

Via G. Garibaldi → Via Papalina → Via Roma → Via Venuti

Once in Fratta, pass the Versa River and take the cycle lane Versa-Judrio on your left, then follow the road signs.


Via San Giorgio (loc. Brazzano) → Via Sottomonte → Via San Giovanni → Via Patriarchi → Via Duomo → Via G. Matteotti → Via Imbriani → Via Nazario Sauro → Via Dante Alighieri → Viale Roma → Via Faet → Via Isonzo → Via Bosc di Sot → Via Corona

Pass the Versa River before you get to Moraro and take the cycle lane Versa-Judrio on your right, then follow the road signs.


Versa - Judrio bike track map